We customize our hats on request, both for companies and individuals, directly from our factories in Ecuador and soon also in our factories in Milan.

Our collaborations that we are most proud of were the events organized with theInter football team, companies Bacardì, Lamborghini, e Ferretti.

We can customize all of the hat: from the materials to the color of the strap, embroider or apply logos, badges and writings, or embellish it with the exclusive decorations hand-painted by our craftsmen.

To always guarantee our quality as an all-inclusive service, we provide labels with the history of the hat, the maintenance manual and decorative materials.

We adapt and create our hats to meet everyone's needs: just choose the model from our catalog and indicate your preferences, we do the rest.

The hats can be requested in prestigious wooden boxes that bear the logo of your company, or your name, or the name of the event of your interest.


It is possible for the Hotel to create its own line in PRIVATE LABEL mode and propose it to its customers as follows:

Direct resale to its customers using your display cabinets (excellent from a commercial and marketing perspective).
Luxury Promotion: give selected customers a gift in their room, a Panama Hat branded with the name of your Hotel / Chain.

If you want to find out what we can do, contact us, we are here for you.  



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