A perfect combination of history - Ecuadorian craftsmanship and Italian Design.


This reality was born in Milan and after unpleasant experiences in various ShowRooms in the Milanese area, the founder of the brand,Marco Tibiletti, ( ex Pr | wearer & amp; fashion photographer ) better known today as “MR. Panama”, decides to open its doors to the panama Hat world in a unique and exclusive space, in Milan in Porta Venezia.
We were lucky enough to visit his ShowRoom, to meet the owner of the brand and to ask him some questions.
It was a friendly chat, more than a real interview

Execellence : “How was Panama Hatters born?”

MR: “We can say that everything was born from a stroke of madness! I was having dinner with friends, who introduced me to the Ecuadorian consul in Milan, we launched the idea, made some phone calls ... And a month later the birth of PANAMA HATTERS was made official. Soon we could also talk about BrandAble, but that's another story.“

Execellence :: “What is the idea of ​​the brand?”

MR: “Panama Hatters was born with the idea of ​​making its customers wear Style and Originality, this is possible thanks to our concept of ORIGINAL, intended as a 100% Made in Ecuador product with an Italian design. Oh yes, because nowadays everyone says they have a Panama in their head, often boasting of the original Made In Italy (Borsalino, Panizza etc.) that they are not Panama hats but only Hats ... I wonder, if I want to buy a Cuban cigar, I won't buy it with the name ANDRETTI, but it will be called San Juan and will certainly have to be certified as Made in Cuba NOT MADE IN ITALY ”.

Execellence :: “So the production is totally Ecuadorian?”
MR: “Exactly, the hat is made with Italian design, of course, but handcrafted in all its parts: bands, bands, seams, internal and external finishes, paints, labels included, Made in Ecuador.
We offer the real Ecuadorian panama hat, not just any hat with a Panama Hat shape. To produce an original panama hat, based on the quality of the Toquilla fiber and weaving, it is possible to work up to 24 months for a single hat "the Montecristi" and the most expensive in the world today, weighing 20 grams, can cost as much as $ 250,000.00 in production.
Execellence :: “Is your positioning within stores with a medium-high target?”

MR:”Actually, I didn't want to go straight into stores like everyone else does, I wanted to play in a different sector. We therefore decided to first start positioning ourselves within 5-star luxury boutique hotels and resorts, golf clubs, polo clubs and cricket clubs, Spas such as :
· Villa d’Este ( Cernobbio )
· Gruppo Belmond : Cipriani ( Ve ) , Spendido , Caruso , Sant’Andrea
· Tremezzo ( Co ) ,
· Fourseason ( Cipro )
· Masserie Coccaro ( Savelletri )
· Jw Marriott ( Venezia ) : with direct opening of our first concept store
· Chateau de Berne ( Francia )
· Castillo son Vida ( Spain )
· Chateau de la Messardiere ( Sant Tropez )
( Pro Shop Golf / Spa )
· Villa d’este
· Castillo son Vida
· Argentario Resort
· Donna fugata
· Qc Terme ( Spa )
In the fashion sector, organizing us now, waiting to define agreements with various world wide distributors, we have started collaborating with top clients such as the following:
· Department store “ Beymen “
· Department Store “ Daimaru “
· Ecommerce “ Yoox “
Another part of our core Business is the development of the Corporate channel, customizable productions (Private Lable and Incentive) some collaborations:
· Ferretti Yacht
· Esperienza Giro Tour ( Lamborghini )
· Campari
· Societè Nautique de Monaco
Pincipe Alberto 2 di monaco
F&M: “Are there any tricks to get around with an original Panama Hatters, without damaging it?”

MR: “Being made of straw, it is best not to put the panama under an air conditioner because it would dry out, you have to moisten it from time to time by sprinkling it with water - as is done with plants, he laughs - once a month. But there are also many tricks in use, when wearing it, you have to take the panama from the back because the front deforms the natural shape of the panama itself; even if it is good to handle the panama frequently, because the more you move it, the more you touch it, the more it will take on our shape, our originality.”
F&M: “Shall we talk about the models that are also visible on your site?”
MR: “They are different, designed for different personalities, in order to make us feel unique in all their lightness.
We produce diversified collections such as:
·EMPORIO Basic Line (quality of straw fiber Large Straw), for a medium-low target
· CONTUNUATIVE Line (quality of straw fiber 2), for a medium-high target
· Prima Linea (quality of straw fiber 7) for demanding and stylish customers
· Luxury Line: Montecristi

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