how do you care for a panama hat?

If the hat is dirty or stained, a good way to clean it is to use a pencil eraser. Never use water or alcohol.

For stains it is recommended to use wet wipes for the face or for children and slowly remove the stains. Any unsuitable chemical product tends to ruin the toquilla straw.

No, avoid contact with water. In case of contact, leave the Panama hat to rest long enough for it to dry completely.
Prolonged exposure to water and humidity will deform and damage the Panama hats.

If the brim lifts, one method to restore the original shape is to gently use a steam iron, protecting the hat with a cloth.

If the brim flattens, the assistance of a specialized person is required to repair the hat so that it does not lose its original and characteristic shape.

where can i keep it when i am not using it?

The Panama hat must be properly stored in a cool and dry place, it is advisable to store it in its own case, such as a special balsa wood box for straw hats (available on request).

Do not store folded Panama hats for more than 48 hours, in bags, suitcases or boxes. The best method of storage is storage in balsa wood boxes, either hung or simply worn. We also recommend the use of a Travel Bag.

Avoid always hanging the Panama hat on the same side and / or applying too much pressure on the hat, over time the straw could be damaged. The part most subject to this problem is the cup, which is one of the most natural places to hang the Panama hat, but in turn, it is a fragile part.

The “Paglia Toquilla ”Is an organic material that requires a certain level of moisture to preserve and remain flexible. Therefore, although it can not stand excessive humidity, it is not recommended to leave it exposed to the sun or in closed spaces for a long time.

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